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AMV The Top Alternative For Underground Artists?


Anime Music Videos have been a key staple in the underground scene for some years now, though they’ve been relevant since 2008 prime YouTube days where Linkin Park songs could be synced up to fans favorite Anime series such as Mobile Suit Gundam or Cowboy Bebop.

We’ve seen these videos be a break out for some small artists with no industry connections or a machine pushing them, giving them a true independent feel on their career, garnishing them a cult fanbase on streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud.

Over the years a surge of artists popoed up from SoundCloud, though the question here is; could YouTube Anime Music Videos be the true contributor here? We’ve seen tons of viral AMV for artists like GHOSTEMANE, Freddie Dredd, Witchhouse 40K, JOJI, HAARPER, and SNOT.

This has been seen time and time again as a true alternative for underground artists since obvious backlash popped up over industry plants being seamlessly created from no where such as Baby Goth, Billie Eilish and Jumex. It seems like the industry tries to dabble into AMV but these underground channels simply deny the artists with pre-established connections as the true potential artists can be seen growing skill sets without a large gain in viewership and revenue early on.

Artists like GHOSTEMANE have paved a career off AMV videos, such as his Mercury video with TRASH 新 ドラゴン garnishing over 200M views. This was repeated with a series of several videos on the channel creating a long standing career for GHOSTEMANE in the underground scene, as hes been seen on festivals performing breakout hit records such as Nihil, Mercury, Squeeze and Andromeda.

These AMV have been able to garnish smaller artists a huge amount of views within one month compared to some who’ve had under 5,000 plays before branching out into the alternative method. Most of these views totaling 100k-200k views within 30 days depending on the algorithm YouTube offers at the time.

Artists like RONIN, BAMBAM, FREDDIE DREDD, XXXTENTACION, SNOT, WITCHOUSE 40K and more have benefited off their music being synced with various different shows from Japan.

Anime and Hip-Hop have been a duo that many fans can see influences from on each side of the field. For example characters like Killer Bee from Naruto and even shows like Megalo Box or Tokyo Tribe 2 having clear Hip-Hop influenced cosmetics. Hip Hop artists like Kanye West, Xavier Wulf, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Peep and more have commonly used anime references in their lyrics to express their feelings.

Are you an anime and hip-hop fan? Let us know in the comments what your favorite lyrics with anime references are!

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