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ELIOZIE the 2020 underground rap phenom has returned with another classic video bringing back his spin of the 90’s rap scene. A Doctor when it comes to rhymes, this absolute madman doesn’t blink once in his new video ‘TRY N KEEP UP‘; a song produced by KELLBENDER & FIFTY GRAND.

The beat for ‘TRY N KEEP UP’ reminds me of an early Eminem, with new school 90’s rhymes to go with it. The lyrics are mainly about his slaughter of untalented rappers in the underground/mainstream who take up space. The video is absolutely clean, being filmed and edited by POLYGON.

If you haven’t heard of ELIOZIE yet, get used to hearing his name pop up as he recently exploded on the scene with the likes of Terror Reid; formerly known as Getter. ELIOZIE seems to be knocking down key plays, having been verified, achieving millions of streams and releasing multiple music videos which have surpassed 1M+ views.

Terror Reid and Eliozie in ‘Burried Alive’

The sound these two have developed this sound together, a sound that reminds us that true Hip Hop still lurks in the Underground; you just need to find it. With various tracks such as DAZE, BURRIED ALIVE Pt 1&2, SMOKE, VILLAIN and more; ELIOZIE has kept his fans fed with tons of singles as they wait for him to drop a debut EP. It’s expected that he’ll end up doing an album with Terror Reid before we see this, though you’ll definitely hear from us if he relays any news.

Before rap ELIOZIE was an ANTI-Hacker, who defended the likes of Post Malone, XXXTentacion, and tons more as he’s the go to hacker for defending your favorite artists albums from being leaked.

While being involved in the ANTI-HACK business ELIOZIE now can be appreciated for his true talent, music, where he’s proved countless times on various tracks that he can compete with the best. ELIOZIE has appeared several times on the Underground’s favorite go-to YouTube channel for new music ‘TRASH 新 ドラゴン‘.

It’s expected that TRASH 新 ドラゴン is ELIOZIE’s go-to platform to post new songs before the Music Videos release on his own channel. So if you’d like to peep some of his stuff, i’d suggest heading over to TRASH and searching for all of ELIOZIE’s songs.

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