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Meet GIZMO a TRAP METAL pioneer, whose easily one of the genres best sounds. Hailing from Rhode Island, GIZMO is known as the deer boy of the underground. During the past few years, GIZMO has been relentless on fans who’ve asked for new music by bashing their heads in with more bass and angry vocals for each time asked as his answer.

GIZMO has been releasing what it seems like every few days, a new music video or song, or EP. During 2019 GIZMO released 3 EP’s titled GRIT, DEER BOY and ARGUS PANOPTES; with ARGUS PANOPTES being released early 2020 but heavily developed late 2019. DEER BOY contained 16 tracks while ARGUS PANOPTES contained 7, GRIT contained 11 within itself making a total of 34 tracks in 2019 and a total of 19 Music Videos.

During the 2019 reign of GIZMO, one of his most recent videos I PUT MY DICK IN YOUR MENTAL has garnished over 1.4M views making it one of his most streamed songs to date.

GIZMO seems to be in control of his own destiny as he’s garnished a huge fan base on his own YouTube channel garnishing over 75K subscribers while also keeping in touch with the lower tier underground setting, giving fans collaboration opportunities and reposts.

GIZMO has also been seen on a very famous YouTube channel known for supporting dark visuals and music, this channel is of’course TRASH 新 ドラゴン ( 2.5M subscribers) being one of his favorite go-to channels for dropping some of his lowkey visuals that fans can be surprised with by a notification their most likely already subscribed to.

While being underground it’s almost impossible to stray far away from controversy; a common misconception of GIZMO is that he buys features, which has been confirmed by GIZMO that he’s never bought a verse before.

A story circulating the underground is that he bought a fake GHOSTEMANE verse, in which he was paid $1,000 to jump on a beat with “GHOSTEMANE” vocals when approached by a producer. This producer happened to pressure him by an amount a smaller artist at the time would never pass up. The vocal was obviously a bad fake, but GIZMO never listening to GHOSTEMANE before; would have not known that it was faked as he was just trying to give the fans what they wanted —which was a collab from GHOSTEMANE and GIZMO.


Moving on from this situation, GIZMO would later release one of his biggest projects to jet fuel his career in the underground titled “Venom” garnishing over 4M total streams across various platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud. It seems that GIZMO releases more of his rare gems on YouTube than any other platform or streaming service. Most of his rare gems from the start of his career can be found on various channels from other artists who’m he’s acquaintanced with over time.

If you’ve never heard of GIZMO, I suggest that you go check out some of his more lowkey songs during our global quarantine such as EMBER, SLURP, COMMON COLD and Fist Made of Brick.

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