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Meet TWENTYTHREE, an underground artist with a dark shadow rap sound that fits perfect on TRAP METAL, RAP or his favorite Shadow Rap style. TWENTYTHREE has been working relentlessly for a few years on his craft, perfecting his sound, vocals and mixing styles making him one of the more diverse shadow rap artists to date.

Being from Australia, TWENTYTHREE can be seen in a league of his own; a separate caliber far away from the rest of the competition in his country. As tons from his country pursue the same dream, TWENTYTHREE has his style on point; with lyrics and sounds to back it up. TWENTYTHREE can be seen on a secret legendary underground EP called TRASH HOUNDS.

TWENTYTHREE has been on a rise as of late; garnishing millions of plays on YouTube as’well on other streaming services. His most viewed song DONT SAVE ME; garnished over 800K views in just 5 months time. With numerous songs reaching similar view count; it’s obvious that the undergrounds tyrant TWENTYTHREE is being paid close attention to by fans.

TWENTYTHREE can be seen hiding most of his face, appearing in shadows similar to his vocal style; but has a bright turn in vocal when it’s time for a drop during his melodic beats. We’ve heard him scream before; sounding like something like a behemoth coming out of hell. Being one of the more diverse Australian artists, it’s very clear that TWENTYTHREE is on a path to worldwide glory with and we’ll be anticipating it.

TWENTYTHREE can be seen dropping an AMV multiple times throughout the month on TRASH 新 ドラゴン an underground Youtube channel with 2.5 Million subscribers mainly focused on dark music. If you’ve never heard of TWENTYTHREE before, I suggest going and checking out some of his more recent songs such as VACATE, A CHANGE OF WEATHER, DONT SAVE ME and BETTER OFF.

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