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NASCAR ALOE a Punk Rap artist on the new spectrum of music is bringing a fresh SID VICIOUS punk sound to the rap scene. NASCAR ALOE first made his breakthrough with his song after moving to LA with ‘FED UP‘ which garnished over 2M views in a year, later leading him to collaborations with the likes of JASIAH and ZILLAKAMI.

Backing this hit record up with a second break out hit record, ‘FREDDY KREUGAR FREESTYLE‘ garnishing over 1.7M views in a year. It seems that this record FREDDY KRUGER FREESTYLE blew up overnight on the verified TRASH 新 ドラゴン YouTube channel, which transferred the listeners need for his style of music over to his long list of songs gaining him a sheer Sid Vicious reign on the underground.


Sometime between this reign, NASCAR ALOE made his freakish debut appearance on Lyrical Lemonade as a model for the JASIAH – CRISIS Music Video, stabbing a lit cigarette on his tongue while he eyes the viewer down with a look of a madman.

Since his appearance in CRISIS the Punk scene has gained some attention, and have brought up some extremely underrated acts alongside his crew at DEATHPROOF. Artists like KIDSNEXTDOOR, Malice Poncho and Oddly Shrugs prove why NASCAR ALOE’s group DEATHPROOF is a sound and style to recognize.

NASCAR ALOE, like many other underground artists seem to be posting their music videos consistently with TRASH 新 ドラゴン as the combination of Dark, Mystery and Pure Art match the Punk Rap Genre perfectly; making TRASH a new home for Punk Music.

NASCAR ALOE recently dropped a new EP called SH!THEAD that has been doing some amazing numbers, garnishing over 300K+ plays on each song, with some gaining over 1M-2M plays alone.

NASCAR ALOE is a new artist that has been touring non stop, doing shows and festivals with JASIAH and other top tier underground artists such as SNOT and ZILLAKAMI.

Making huge appearances during JASIAH sets at rolling loud and more, NASCAR ALOE is known for jumping off stage even if you don’t catch him! NASCAR— Rocking fresh spikes and even shaving his head on stage for fans to grab spikes from is a MUST WATCH artist of 2020.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of NASCAR ALOE, I suggest going to check out some of his underrated songs such as HEAVEN, GENOCIDE, ANNUNAKI and PUNKS ONLY.

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