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Oddly Shrugs on “SKINS”

Oddly Shrugs is a new artist coming out of LA with a real grungy/goth sound that a ton of Underground fans are enjoying right now. Easily one of the most unique looking figures out of the underground; Oddly delivers an angelic voice with harmony each time he gets his hands on the mic.

Forefronting the siege of creation, Oddly Shrugs fashion visuals are not the only thing we all should be paying attention to. With songs like “UNTITLED“, “FETUS“, and “disassociate“; Oddly shows that we should be giving a closer look into his vocals.

Obviously coming out of DEATHPROOF it’s expected that Oddly Shrugs would have a very Punk Rock vibe to him. He’s shown that he’s capable of being a singer, rapper and performer at a high level caliber. Comparing his visuals to the likes of Marilyn Manson is not so far fetch when you really get into his songs, such as UNTITLED or disassociate having a message that only troubled youth lyrically could instantly pick up, while containing a dance vibe sound that anyone can rock out to.

Oddly Shrugs is far from a rapper though, more like a piece of walking art or a characterized figurine that came to life overnight. This is obviously not the first time we’ve seen something like this, as Marilyn Manson could be seen at young ages with face paint and industrial piercings which help express the feelings inside.

Oddly Shrugs has been working close with the likes of NASCAR ALOE, KIDSNEXTDOOR and Bob Vylan as he toured across the country with what seems like the new faces of Punk in America.

Over here at UnderTheGround, we’re looking forward to watching Oddly become the phenomenon he’s destined to be. I predict within 5 years he’ll be at the forefront of Rock or Rap, whichever path he chooses. He’s constantly reminding us to be ourselves with every release he puts out, with a beautiful voice and the heart of an angel; we all should be listening to Oddly Shrugs.

If you’ve never listened to Oddly Shrugs I highly suggest that you go check out some of his songs such as “UNTITLED“, “SKIN” and “disassociate“.

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