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ZILLAKAMI & SOSMULA recently dropped another top tier music video called “DRAINO” after SOSMULA’s previous video to “SOUL BURN” got ghost banned for the pure art these two display in their videos. The video so far has garnished 350,000 views in just 4 days making them one of the most viewed underground artists to date.

SOSMULA is an incredibly energetic artist who looks like something out of a Batman cartoon; delivers the same energy time and time again. This energy matched with ZILLAKAMI‘s harmony in vocal make a perfect match for some of the best trap metal we’ve had in a while. SOSMULA seems to be scarred from his past; this shows by consistently talking about killing and selling drugs even when the song has turned into a somewhat emotional song. SOSMULA could have some mental scars lingering from his street days but who knows; MULA!

DENZEL CURRY made an appearance in the video as he dominates his feature to the song. It’s not sure whether or not he was actually on set for the video as his appearance in the video seems as if it was green screen b roll edited to the music video. DENZEL CURRY‘s verse paints an image of a person battling with his own self esteem while showing himself falling as if he’s stuck in thought. Possibly this verse is about how Zeltron feels he’s one of the best EMCEE to come out in a while, but obviously slept on by public opinion.

ZILLAKAMI & SOSMULA have recently dropped an epic album titled “AS GOOD AS DEAD” solidifying them as a top tier underground artist. Though these two have millions of fans and plays, they contribute to the underground consistently by collaborating and touring with smaller artists such as NASCAR ALOE.

If you’ve never heard of ZILLAKAMI or SOSMULA, a good few songs to get you into them would be 66SLAVS, YUKK MOUTH, or DRAG ME TO HELL. You can find their music on almost any streaming service such as ITUNES, SPOTIFY, SOUNDCLOUD and YOUTUBE.

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