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Meet WalteR: The Underground “Drake”

Meet WalteR an underground artist with such a clean hit making sound that astounds fans who listen to him avidly. The sheer energy through each word that he speaks, beat selection and consistency is what clearly sets him apart from other artists, to match this he has writing capabilities that make him a true threat of the industry artists.

The skill set WalteR has is something you only see in accomplished EMCEE, at such an early stage in his career his attributes make him promising as we can only see him going to the top and competing with the best in the industry. What makes him more similar to Drake in the underground, is the sheer vocal standout and creativity of song. His raps harmonize better than a’lot of underground artists which leads to him creating some very magical songs.

As of now WalteR is currently on the upcoming rise of the 2020 underground artist melting pot that’s currently brewing some of the best potential artists since 2016.

WalteR has a ton of music for fans to listen to currently, and is working on a ton of songs that sound like pure magic. If you’d like to check out some of his earlier songs, try listening to GODSEND for a newer song try Easily I’m Ghost.

If WalteR had the fan base of Drake, i’m sure he’d be giving him a run for his money hit for hit. There’s not been a hip hop artist with such passion in their tone of art since the early days of rap, it’s extremely rare and is what makes WalteR a must watch.

His videos remind me of a prime time 2012 revolutionary rapper similar to those of Pro Era back when STEEZ was carrying the group. I’d like to say that WalteR is easily one of the easiest artists to get into once you dabble into the underground scene. So be sure to check him out!

Be sure to follow WalteR:

Instagram @waltertherapper

Soundcloud @waltertherapper

Twitter @waltertherapper

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