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BLOKKA $OLO, an artist many underground fans haven’t come across yet, unless one of your favorite rappers like Lil Gnar just happen to be biting their music and get exposed while doing so. So who’s this underground gem that got some bigger named artists stealing lyrics from him? BLOKKA SOLO!

This gem’s coming straight outta the gutter with a true southern hip hop style that is truly Phonk music to the tee. Not every hip hop artist has the capability of being consistent and creative, while BLOKKA SOLO has proven that these skills, brotherhood, commitment and originality are a strong part of his artistry skill set.

BLOKKA SOLO is truly the definition of an artist, while supremely underground– fans have been starting to take notice of his music through YouTube outlets, Spotify algorithm playlists and compilations. Coming from an extremely talented group dubbed the ‘Eazy Street Krew‘ with artists like CHYNNA MANE, you can expect an extremely hype and artistic Phonk sound that’ll leave you wanting to listen to more of his endless catalog.

He recently dropped 4 mix tapes in the same day mostly featuring Eazy Street Krew. The way he flips old bar samples into new creative songs are something that any pre– 2010 hip hop fan can appreciate.

BLOKKA SOLO has been dropping heaters since 2016 consistently, the best way to describe BLOKKA SOLO is a true hidden gem just waiting to be discovered and appreciated by many potential fans. Some songs I recommend checking out are MXB, CHERRY, FUCK THE POLICE and BABY GLOCK.

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