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Meet CRUELKAME — raps free speech abuser who isn’t scared to say things people are highly against. His music is truly offensive, driven with pure hatred for cancel culture with an animated aqua team hunger force like vibe and an aggressive robotic like rhythm pattern to back it up.

A’lot of fans say CRUELKAME reminds them of an early Tyler the Creator with a unique selection of electronic hip hop beats that sound like something out of a year 3020 fiction movie.

The vocals are very aggressive but slick and melodic with a mix of 90’s boom bap. In various songs you can hear him using different vocal tones and pitches to add atmosphere to the song. His skits before and after the song are hilarious but sound like you’re sitting right there.

When you hear new music from him, it’s like a science fiction fan waiting for the next episode of Stranger Things.

Turning on Halloween Poison Candy, you explode with an eargasm of storytelling and aggressive mashes of his rabbit vs human like persona. Linking up with producer R4ID has only stepped his artistic skill set to another level, giving him an unfair advantage on competition.

Paying attention to his stories and artwork, it seems like he’s on an escape route from the rock group Gorrilaz, showing multiple merchandise such as 2D’s hat or Murdoc’s jacket slightly altered because he reportedly “thought it was disgusting.”

We believe his character is based around the Gorrilaz universe though due to secrecy of story we’ll not know until he confirms it. This guy is known for not telling people what he’s working on or when it will be released as he’s published dates and makes fans wait an extra day because it was reportedly “hilarious to see people upset.”

CRUELKAME is also known for being in the duo rap group ‘SADGASM 悲しい’ which has garnished millions of streams with songs like ‘MOKSHA’ during their short career so far.

We’re not quite sure why they’re releasing solo music, though it is speculated that this has something to do with CRUELKAME being stuck in an alternate universe out of reach from YOKOBLACKSTAR, the other half of SADGASM 悲しい.

CRUELKAME recently released an EP called CRUELR4ID which was announced in separate parts, the first half being released at June 10th. Songs like ‘In Yo Face‘ and ‘No Lives Matter‘ appeared on the EP showing his brutal creativity for electronic boom bap and horrorcore lyrics. The sound is something unique and unheard of and we can only expect him to continue developing over time.

Check out CRUELR4ID below:


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