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Meet LILRICEFIELD and SEIJI ODA, a duo of Japanese American artists who mix their own culture with humor, anime, hip hop and west coast slang.

These two artists blew up around last year with their song Trapanese which quickly garnished millions of views very quickly. Though that seems great these two were battling to keep the song up due to the well known sample being interpolated.

The sample known as ‘Kung Fu Fighting‘ by Carl Douglas was used, which has been listed as a free use sample on a public domain and had been triggered through an automatic copyright system that filed claims and took down YouTube videos. This has been a consistent problem for the platform.

Eventually these two beat this, kept their song up and gained millions of views. Though you can’t help but wonder, if these guys never had this song taken down in the first place, how big would they actually be today?

With a catalog of west coast bangers these two are clearly moving past the Trapanese buzz and venturing into more artistic songs and categories that appeal to their creativity.

These two have gone on countless tours since then, releasing tons of songs for fans to stay entertained even during the pandemic. While being newer artists on the scene, their approach quickly garnished respect from many artists due to their creative bar schemes and metaphors from anime and Japanese culture.

They have no problem using known Anti-Asian terms towards Asian Americans as benefit to themselves bringing light to the jokes and creativity for their songs. This, with amazing direction makes them extremely diverse when it comes to the mind as’well as SEIJI ODA‘s creative beat schemes he’s constantly working on and previewing via Instagram.

Asian culture in hip hop has been together for quite some time since the early 90’s. Wu Tang Clan a well known group from the 90’s was famously known for using Asian culture in their beats, rhymes and aesthetics.

We’ve seen this countless times with artists like Jin, China Mack and more, with LilRiceField and SEIJI ODA being the more creative Asian Hip-Hop artists to this date.

If you’ve never heard of these two, I’d highly suggest checking out Trapanese, Based Students, Anime Shawty! and 1UP as these are great songs to get you into this new underground duo.

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