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Meet RØNIN, an Australian underground artist whose been ON THE VERGE with his new hit single ‘All Girls Are The Same‘.

RØNIN in the past has been in touch with his hip hop roots, releasing songs like $HOOK and PAIN & PASSION that resemble an Australian version of Hip Hop’s Boom Bap.

However recently he’s been seen dabbling in pop music sparking creative vocals and production which ended up causing a hit record that garnished over 1 Million views in the first week to be created.

In just two months he’s garnished over 5 Million views, completely beating out some main stream artists who are known to pay for Spotify playlist placements and use record label advantages to get streams.


Being a DJ, EMCEE, SINGER and Producer— RØNIN is beyond the word ‘talented’, and is the definition of our version ‘ON THE VERGE‘. He deserves the attention he’s gained recently, and being on the verge he has been very discrete keeping his song releases very precise with amazing quality and production.

Fans definitely want to hear more from this guy and to keep up i’m sure he has something planned in the realm of a duo genre EP based on his previous song releases.

So far RØNIN is an unsigned independent artist and works on his own schedule, it’s great to see the underground breeding more independent artist career paths.

It’s also rare that the underground breeds artists that have a radio like sound, I could definitely hear his songs being played all over the place. They’ve already been featured him on Beats1 radio via Apple Music which is pretty huge for a smaller artist like RØNIN.

If you’ve never heard RONIN I highly suggest checking out some of his songs like PAIN & PASSION, HOME ALONE, PARKING LOT OR SHOOK.

Be sure to follow ronin on all his social medias for updates on him.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/lordronin/tracks

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lordronin/

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