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PRINCESSBRI has been on the verge in the underground scene recently being one of the more artistic female artists of 2020. She looks something straight out of an anime with an angelic voice to back up her creative design.

Her verses on ICKY and SHUT ME UP are slick and playful, gravitating towards an aggressive yet barbie style that reminds me of an underground Nicki Minaj but more stylistic and creative. She can sing, rap, model and probably has some hidden talents we don’t know about.

In 2019 she released an 8 song Album titled ‘Little Baby B!tch‘ which featured beats created by Plague, Hellraiser and more.

The album was top quality and only featured Zheani, the album contained songs that brought out her barbie like singing vocals as’well as a new refreshing underground trap style.

PRINCESSBRI is obviously setting herself up for underground royalty, and has huge potential to be running it for the female demographic. Her style is untouched and far cleaner than other female emcee in the underground realm, which contains a wide ranged melting pot of creative artists.

She recently released a song called CHAOS which features her singing style. The song is like a synth punk style that sounds like it’s straight out of a video game or something you’d hear from an evanescence album.

If you’ve never heard of PRINCESSBRI, I highly suggest you check out her most recent album we talked about above.


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/PRlNCESSBRI/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PRlNCESSBRl

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/prlncessbri

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