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A year ago Eddy Baker released a collaborative EP with Yung Cortex, NO REST FOR THE WICKED, packed with songs that came from a rare genre mix of Synth Wave, Punk Rock, and Rap.

This EP was a huge step out of genre for Eddy Baker, whose usually known for his sleek vocals and calm but aggressive rhyme schemes on dark rap beats, but when he stepped on these synth beats— it felt like he could possibly make music in any genre he wants. Yung Cortex also made vocal appearances on this EP and fully produced it, Cortex sounded amazing on this EP, almost like he’s fresh out of an 80’s time machine.

The EP NO REST FOR THE WICKED, features slick vocals from both Cortex and Eddy. The first song NIGHTRIDER pops off the EP with slick sounds, a galaxy full of stars and punk spaceships as it sounds like an outro song of a 80’s movie. My personal favorite song off this EP is Destination Nowhere, it features a calm tune that leaves me wanting to disappear in the sunset on a motorcycle down road 66.

Eddy Baker proves time and time again how talented he truly is with every release, this EP only proved just how diverse of an artist he is.

Many people have slept on this collaboration EP of Yung Cortex and Eddy Baker, causing it to become a rare gem that fans of these two can stumble upon when they’re browsing their music catalogs.

The two released a few music videos to promote their EP called THEY WANT ME DEAD and NIGHTRIDER, featured on TRASH and ASTARI.

In NIGHTRIDER, Eddy makes a solo appearance with Yung Cortex on the beat as he fully produced the synth EP.

Yung Cortex is known for his magical beats and working with artists like Lil Peep and Lil Tracy. He’s been branching out, becoming an artist of his own with a vocal style that sound angelic and rough, with aesthetics to back it up. Punk really fits Cortex well as he’s definitely a monster of his own, being able to produce, direct, sing and rap is a rare trait that makes him a super unique artist. When collaborating with Eddy on this style of Synth and Punk Rap mix, it produced a handful of underground bangers for all of us to enjoy.

If you haven’t checked out this EP, I highly suggest you do as it’s a rare gem worth a listen.

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