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This weeks ON THE VERGE covers DED STARK an underground ANTI-RAP artist who makes songs that contain melodies and a sad cadence that matches perfectly for those who aren’t really into the emo scene, but still enjoy sad music.

DED STARK as an aesthetic looks like he popped straight out of a 70’s time machine with his melancholy fashion style involving many colors and any material that makes him happy.

Over the few years we’ve noticed DED STARK become an entity of his own, garnishing well over 70K monthly listeners on SPOTIFY while releasing new music videos that resemble a welcoming home essence. His songs are engineered to perfection containing a crispy, clean sound that makes it easy to enjoy the various flows he contains in his vocal arsenal.

2021 will definitely be a big year for DED STARK as he amasses a fan base that has become sort of a cult following. The LA artist has various connections around the scene who call upon him to dab from his expertise in mixing and performing vocals while also keeping the secret sauce for himself.

DED STARK has amassed over 3 Million Spotify plays with his biggest songs being ‘DED‘ and ‘DED END‘. Both songs have been featured on youtube channels such as TRASHGANG and Darktones. While not being completely huge on YouTube he’s definitely got a huge following on SPOTIFY and SOUNDCLOUD.

His lyric videos are well known all over the Facebook community which garnish him over 2M reach monthly, and 50K likes on his own personal page. DED STARK has various songs that are lowkey hits such as ‘L’s‘, ‘DONT FOLLOW‘ and ‘WINDS‘. After talking to DED STARK before writing this, he mentioned his future plans are to upgrade his music videos while keeping a similar aesthetic that his fans enjoy. DED STARK is also working on a new EP that he calls ‘Ded diary: Volume 4‘.

If you’ve never heard of DED STARK, I suggest checking out his SPOTIFY and going through some of the songs I mentioned above.


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4oy28YPONmV69vGE9kq8yo?autoplay=true

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/dedstark

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dedstark_ig/

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