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Editor: Kanpeki – 10/13/2020

Meet HAK7M. (aka Hak7m Faraji), a self-driven, enigmatic artist with a diverse catalogue of music that provides a soundtrack for almost any vibe or situation. With a wide variety of flows, inflections, clever bars, and beat choices, HAK7M. paints pictures of pollitical corruption, social discourse, past struggles, and being yourself.

Fellow rappers and producers (such as Siraaj Yung, Kus.Co, Sinizter, ICYTWAT, and Kanpeki) have all acknowledged HAK7M.‘s music by co-signing / collaborating with him. His inspirations and favorite artists consist of Schoolboy Q, Kurt Cobain, Outkast, FKA Twigs, Flying Lotus, and more.

Amasssing over 800k+ streams in total and 13k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, HAK7M.‘s fan-base is growing. As of right now, his most popular song is “Seattle Freeze“, a groovy & apathetic song produced by ICYTWAT, however, this song is far from the extent of his capabilities. Sonically, HAK7M. fuses elements of; traditional hip hop, modern rap, gospel, and grunge, culminating into a mix of wavy & heavy sounds. Check out his newest video “Parking Ticket(shown below), for a prime example of HAK7M.‘s unorthodox style.


Usually draped in all black, silver / metal trinkets, and distressed denim: HAK7M.‘s aesthetic emanates a casual yet unique blend of asian inspired clothing and grunge / gothic styles with a touch of vaporwave and military inspired garb.

The origin of his name comes from the Islamic name “HAKIM” (meaning all-wise / wisdom) and the Swahili name “FARAJI” (meaning consoler / consulation) . Add in the number that he resonates the most with, 7, and you get Hak7m Faraji.

F U N F A C T S :
favorite colors are black, white, and gold
loves teriyaki salmon and cheesecake
is into shintoism, sci-fi, anime, witchcraft, and fashion
favorite show is Thundercats


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4WZohMseXINm1ax1uHS60e?si=-Xp_DAj3RkOBDANzKcF_Vg
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqqZ6PzrAv6ll8_RRNqAUEg
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/HAK7M__
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FUCKHAK7M

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