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Who Are You?

Miind: my name is mind, or kokoro, or sir miind divine whichever is suitable

How long have you been making music?

Miind:Ive been making music since i was 13 years old

What do you in your free time?

Miind:Play video games mainly smash bros, take walks and watch anime or cartoons

Any new releases coming soon?

Miind:I have a release for the 30th of October thats just a freestyle for my fans to hold them over for my newer better shit, and 2 songs coming for the 2 months of this year

Fun Fact?

Miind: I used to do alot of drawing when i was younger and video editing

Where can people find you?

Miind: Soundcloud, matter, and Spotify


Miind:I was influenced by many people, Eminem, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Ski Mask, Twista, MF DOOM, Earl sweatshirt, capital steez, frank ocean, the weeknd, kid cudi, young thug, and xxxtentacion

Favorite song you’ve made?

Miind:Prolly some unreleased i cant say, but my favorite released song would be “i wanna die under the street lights” “golden” and “pterodactyl”

What do you want people to know about you about you?

Miind:That I’m just a regular ass person and im not someone that takes my position and act like a big ass person when im not, i just make music for me (as my cope and my scapegoat) and for the people that look up to me as a person and artist

Favorite Cartoon?

Miind:I HAVE ALOT lmaoo, but prolly at this current moment regular show cuz i love rewatching it

If you could have a special power what would it be & why?

Miind: To either read minds, and teleportation because that seem like the coolest power to have to tell if someone saying something bad or some shit, and teleportation because id love to travel literally wherever

Would you ever explore another genre? Create a different genre music?

Miind:Id definitely explore multiple genres as long as i make music i wanna just prove that my versatility is a endless coaster, and id definitely make my own genres

How did you come up with your name?

Miind:Honestly it was outta nowhere, cuz i didn’t like my original rap name when i was younger and got told to change it and i did some thinking, eventually through name generators lmaoo i came with two and i hated those but the word mind came up, and i was like what about mastamiind, and i went with it, i feel the mind is a God given gift and is powerful when used right, so i just thought that fit me, i eventually just changed it to just miind, cuz i wanted to have a more mature take on it being that the name “mastamiind” but miind as a name itself was originally a acronym, but i change the whole meaning of what my name meant cuz i felt the acronym still played apart of my old self so

Instagram: @sirmiind



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