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Editor: PluggedInWithAustin (November 12, 12:00PM)

If you are a fan of Underground Hip-Hop we got the perfect artist for you guys too checkout! Kid Vibe is an upcoming artist from the Midwest Who’s ready to show the world he doesn’t give a fuck about what you think of him. After rebranding his style vibe had dropped a 3 song project “Cabin Boyz EP” Featuring Trippythakid. Preparing for 2020 vibe announced that he would be dropping two small projects “Slappers For The Soul” and “Moshpits & Memories” until his label is complete. If you have listened to Kid Vibe before than you know his music can be very intense and will have you head banging, or punching holes in the wall. We asked Kid Vibe how he’s been keeping busy. He replied “Stacking up tracks in the vault, trying to maintain good mental health.” He also wanted to mention he’s very appreciative of his fanbase and content creators that work with him like Darktones Records, 42blacktop, and RK Apollo. Since early 2019 we have been seeing a lot of underground artists who have similar characteristics and that sound alike, but thats another reason why listening to Kid Vibe is so refreshing. Yesterday, he had released “Shit!” an aggressive hip-hop single with metal elements produced by S1Ninja. Make sure to go check it out now!

Instagram: @Officialkidvibe

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