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Under The Ground Joey Trap – EW (Review)

Editor: PluggedInWithAustin (November 21, 3:17PM)

If your an artist or fan of the underground scene than you know the name Joey Trap. We discovered him back in 2018 and instantly became a fan of his music. Everytime we hear the name Joey Trap it brings back memories of us turning up to “Seasame Street”, and some of his older releases. A month ago, I noticed that Joey Trap dropped a song & animated visual with YBN Nahmir on YouTube that I never ended up watching. Yesterday, I listened to the song for the first time and felt like Joey Trap murdered the track. I’m not saying YBN Nahmir’s verse was weak or anything, but Joey definitely carried the track forsure. Later that night I was able to sit down and watch the animated visual. The visual fits perfectly with the song creating a perspective of Joey Trap & YBN Nahmir saving the world from evil. Make sure to check “EW” out now on all platforms!

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