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Under The Ground Exclusive Scxtt Pilgrim – Black Star (Review)

Editor: PluggedInWithAustin (November 27, 10:03PM)

Earlier this year we found Scxtt Pilgrim on Soundcloud, while searching for upcoming underground artists. The first song we heard by Scxtt was “Cosmo & Wanda” featuring Tokyos Revenge, which was an absolute banger. I feel like Scxtt Pilgrim is one of those artists that you can flip through any track and you’ll find nothing but bangers. Recently, Scxtt released a new single called “Black Star” which your probably thinking slaps like the the rest of his catalog. As soon as the beat starts you’ll hear the 808’s blasting as Scxtt starts to effortlessly flow over the intense beat produced by Mathias Tyner. If your a fan of Scxtt Pilgrim you’ll probably be very happy with this new track. Make sure to go check out Scxtt Pilgrim’s latest release “Black Star” now available on all platforms.

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