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Meet Drew, aka Trxppy Lyfe an aspiring videographer out of Rockford, Illinois who’s already got a head start to success. Trxppy Lyfe started working locally with the homies and has received credits from names such as Bobby Nice, Dax, Kosha Dillz, Snoop Dog. Drew has been sticking to the grind working with Lil Moody, Mcx Letti, and Pk on visuals. Check out his latest visual out now on YouTube!

(Question & Answer)

How did you become a Videographer?

Trxppy: It all started with my great friend P•K right after we graduated in 2018. We had talked about doing something with music before then we were hanging out one day and he shows me this song he wrote and we worked together on that and I started making his cover arts and developed a love for creating things with graphic design and that eventually worked it’s way into film making and that’s how I ended up where I am today.

Any New Releases Coming?

Trxppy: I have a few videos in the works for the end of this year and early next year with P•K, mcx lletti, and a doing my first videos with a couple other artists but I’ll be posting about those soon

When did you start shooting videos?

Trxppy: I started shooting videos last summer when lletti and pk were doing their first show together at this car show and they asked me if I could film it and make a recap so I borrowed my moms camera and the rest is history.

Whats a goal youd like yo accomplish by 2022? (since it’s almost 2021)

Trxppy: A few goals that I have for myself by to reach by 2022 and beyond are to use my artistic platform to make a positive change in the world, it’s been my dream for years to work with lil uzi vert, future, and Travis Scott, and lastly I just want my name to be associated with the greats of my generation.

Where Can They Find Your Content?

Trxppy: Everyone can find all of my content on YouTube, just search Trxppy Lyfe and you can follow our Instagram and Facebook @trxppylyfe

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