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Nomads “Bape” (Review)

Editor: PluggedInWithAustin (December 29, 10:20PM)

Awhile back we spoke with a couple members of Nomads an upcoming Hip-Hop group from the east coast. When we last spoke they were working on new content & working on growing there brand. Now we’re back with a new review on there song Bape with nomad members FlyboiRell and Lava God. The first time I listed to the track I got some major Asap Mob vibes as there vocals sit on the smooth insturmental produced by Shutup Gavin. After playing the track a few times I came to the conclusion this is the perfect track to turn up at a party or club. Make sure to follow nomads into 2021, because there growing quite fast. Check out Bape on all platforms now!

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