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Meet Camera T Visuals the Upcoming Midwest Videographer + Bounce (Q&A + Review)

Editor: Pluggedinwithaustin (January 5th, 2:29PM)

When you think of videographers from the midwest you probably think of Lyrical Lemonade, A Zae Production, or Fly Guy Films. Awhile back, I was watching one of FBG Ducks music video and the next song was “Bounce by Diego Bandz Featuring 20. The first thing I thought when I heard the chorus was “This Goes Hard” as diego continues his verse. I also didn’t expect 20 switching his flow up like he did. The visual was dope as well, great transitions and creative effects that blend well with the scene of the video.


Who are you?

I’m CameraMan T, I’m a videographer and cinematographer that shoots and edits music videos. Where are you from. I’m from Madison WI, I got family in Chicago and California….I call it the double C’s What are your goals for 2021. My goals is to network and collab with different top artist around the world and to put ppl in the right situation.

Who have you worked with any notable names.

I worked with my Boi Ted Park back in 2013 and now he’s a big Sensation now, I’m truly happy for him.

How long have you been filming?

I’ve been filming since 2013, but didn’t take it serious until 2017. I feel that 2017 was a big yr for me. I mean my big brother Carlos died in a car accident and I had to ask myself what is it that I want in life. And four years later. I became wht u see now. CameraMan T.

Who would you like to work with in the future.

I’m extremely open on who I would want to work with. I love all types of music, one thing is tho, I would want to bring my city up and put them in the right direction UK. Make bosses bosses. Lol make it make sense.

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