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TWENTYTHREE has been apart of the underground scene for years, but only recently has he become a vigilant tyrant of his own. In 2020 garnishing over 3.2 million streams and over 300 thousand listeners on Spotify. This month alone he’s had over 150 thousand monthly listeners of whom are very keen for his majestic style of mystic shadow rapping.

TWENTYTHREE hails from Australia as an independent artist looking to branch his webs out into other countries. With countless music videos on YouTube reaching over 1 Million views, TWENTYTHREE can easily be one of the next superstars coming out of the underground.

In 2020 alone he’s garnished a 5,000% increase in streams and follows based off his impeccable work ethic and dynamic beat selection.

TWENTYTHREE can be seen collaborating with the likes of SLEN, who is another underground artist who bases themselves upon the trap metal scene. His usual go to YouTube channel is the undergrounds infamous TRASHGANG channel, which hosts artists like GHOSTEMANE, SNOT and FREDDIE DREDD. TRASHGANG seems tohave a cult following, where they listen to an artist and rally behind them very quickly.

Since 2019 TWENTYTHREE has been increasing in streams, followers and monthly listeners, all of which are on public display via Spotify. His last music video was something out of a horror film, which features vocals similar to an antichrist ghost baby talking pain into your ear. This year alone he’s dropped an EP and over 10 videos which include anime visuals.

If you’ve never heard of TWENTYTHREE, I highly suggest you go check out his newest EP.

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