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Meet TheRealTaco Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist From Wisconsin

When you think of Wisconsin your probably thinking about cheese, milk, farms and the Green Bay Packers. Besides those great features Wisconsin is home to hundreds of musicians and aspiring artists. Meet TheRealTaco an upcoming Hip-Hop artist from Madison, Wisconsin who’s been focused on creating new content. Taco has been making music for a while now also performing at local open mics. Gaining over 20,000 streams across all platforms in the last year TheRealTaco has been slowly building his fanbase. The Reload artists unique sound and cadence is something that separates him from other local talent. After speaking with TheRealTaco earlier this week he released a new single called Walking Hearse produced by Colorblind. TheRealTacos aggressive vocals emerge perfectly with the unique bass boosted Insturmental. If your a fan of Strange Music, or Rittz I’d recommend checking out TheRealTaco music!

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