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Interview w/ DJ Billi Hendrixxx

Tell us about your company / brand? And what’s the story behind it?

My name is DJ Billi Hendrixxx. I’m a DJ/executive producer and the C.E.O of Rockstar Records. Going back to third grade, music has always been a part of my life. I played musical instruments from 3rd grade through sophomore year of high school. Along with playing musical instruments, I was involved in sports. To me, sports and music go hand and hand. During my school years, my teammates would always tell me to put on my playlist while we got ready for a big game or even while we practiced and they were always asking me what new music is out. The athletic director would even have me make playlists to play during our games. After high school, I went on to play basketball at MCC as well as Professional Football overseas in the Netherlands. While playing pro football, I unfortunately injured both my shoulder and knee. After these injuries, it was time to come back to the states. During that 19hr flight I had to think of what my next move was so I could provide for not only myself, but my son as well. With my interest and love for music, I couldn’t help but think that something in the music industry would be the best fit for me. So when I got back home to the states, I got a laptop and taught myself how to DJ. When I started, I knew I didn’t want to be just any ordinary DJ, I wanted to be able to be behind the music scene as well. My goal was/is to bridge the gap between the music industry and my city, Rockford, IL. 

Where are you located? How is the music scene there?

I am located in Rockford, IL. The music scene is an untapped goldmine. There is a lot of talent here that doesn’t get the credit it should and I will do everything in my power to change that. 

What have you accomplished that makes you proud?

Staying relevant through Covid, doing sold out shows, being able to make money doing what I love and knowing I did it by myself. Not saying I haven’t had help along the way, but knowing that I taught myself to DJ and I’ve pushed myself this far and will continue to push myself every day. 

What are some goals you’d like to accomplish in the future

One of my biggest goals is to go on tour and do big festivals such as Rolling Loud. I would also like to build a label roster as well as a team around me. I want to be able to share everything I’ve accomplished with my son and my family. 

What advice would you give to aspiring DJ’s & Artists

Never quit. Bet on yourself. Just because someone doesn’t help you, doesn’t mean you don’t do it, you go out and pursue and make it happen. Persistence is key. Go through every emotion. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. 

If you had one message to give to your supporters, what would it be?

I’m grateful for the supporters that rock with me because I know you don’t have to. No matter what I am always going to keep going for my son, my city and the culture. I’ll never stop and I appreciate everyone along for the ride. Black Lives Matter. 

What’s next for you any upcoming events, or projects?

I have “Double Trouble” dropping with Midnight. One of my next events I have coming up is the 4/20 Experience with my boy Jump Off Javi. Jack’s Hookah Lounge on the weekends or an occasional weekday is another place you can find me. In this past month I’ve been booked every weekend and you can follow me on IG to find out the details for any of my future events @ DjBilliHndrx_x_x . 

You can catch my mixes on SoundCloud @ Dj Billi Hendrixxx. 


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