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Interview W/ Cadaver Ghoul

Whats your name?

My Name Is Cadavxr Or Cadaver Ghoul.

How long have you been making music?

I Dropped My First Song 10 Waves May 12th 2015

Have any future goals related to your music?

My Future Music Goals Involve Using My Lyricism And Points Of View To Help Enact Positive Energy Amongst Humanity

Favorite Cartoon?

My Favorite Cartoons Have Always Probably Been Wall-E and The Bee Movie Since I Can Remember

Favorite food?

Theres Too Many Foods To Choose From But A Few Could Very Well Be Ice Cream, Al Pastor Tacos And Chocolate Milk Even Though It’s Not Really Food It’s Good Shit .

Anything you want to tell the people?

Read Between The Lines If You Want To Know Me Better As Most Of My Opinions And Beliefs Lie Deep In The Lyrics.My Music Is Always Around Six Month Behind Coming Out And That’s Just A Me Issue,What You Hear Now Is Likely What I Made Back Then.)

(Interview on February 14th, 2021)

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