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Taking a more rap-influenced approach, UNDEAD PAPI teams up with frequent collaborator, the late T0RTVRE (Rest In Peace) on NO TALKING!, a fan-favorite from his recent mixtape titled ‘MILWAUKEE DEMON : VOLUME II’. Produced by TreeTime, this track starts off with a piano melody, similar to what you may hear in many modern rap sub-genres whether it be Midwest Drill, or Southern Trap, but to the listeners surprise, UNDEAD PAPI immediately comes in with that same intensity you may expect on his more experimental tracks, yet has modified his sound and repackaged it to match the polished instrumental, starting off with a catchy chorus that is bound to get your head bobbing to the beat. Then, harnessing an impressive triplet flow, T0RTVRE swoops in and takes the spotlight with an impeccable verse almost reminiscent of something you would hear from earlier phonk such as Three 6 Mafia, but with a deadly drill-influenced twist that really brings together the old school and the new school alike. After the second hook, UNDEAD PAPI comes back with a final verse, capitalizing on the relentlessness in his lyrics, adding in a chaotic flow accompanied by morbid lines bound to make you feel like a total bad*** villain out of a blockbuster. All in all, this track really brings together a lot of different elements that attribute to it being so captivating and addictive. A huge forte in UNDEAD’s work is his insane ability to think outside the box and put together these frankenstein-like songs that take pieces of different styles, mashing them all together to create something brand new to the ear.

UNDEAD PAPI on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/murderundead/?hl=en

NO TALKING! on Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/track/3yM4oIcCwKrmXB9zivPnlc

NO TALKING! on Apple Music : https://music.apple.com/us/album/no-talking-feat-t0rtvre/1543781085?i=1543781087

NO TALKING! on SoundCloud : https://m.soundcloud.com/asabovesobelowrecords/undead-papi-x-t0rtvre-no-talking

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