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RETRO TOOCOLD – Enough 4 Me (Review)

When it comes to underground artists Retro Toocold doesn’t receive the amount of credit he deserves. If you look him up on the web you’ll find numerous music video, and hard songs from Retro. Today, we came across his new release “Enough 4 Me” Produced by 808trel. After listening to the chorus we observed that this wasn’t what we expected from Retro Toocold. As soon as the verse starts we go back to the fast, hard trap bars that Retro Toocold is known too use. I really enjoyed this track, because it’s something you can listen too at all times. Most of the time I’ll play Retro’s music when I’m angry or when me and my friends are going to lit show. Were genuinely excited too see what else comes from the upcoming artist.

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