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Kemurii – SLIDE2THEBACKSEAT (Review)

This past week has been am exciting week for new releases. This past weeks releases include Kanye, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Corpse and many others. Earlier this week we discovered SLIDE2THEBACKSEAT by Kemurii. As soon as the song starts you’ll hear Kemurii’s feature Rozzah chanting the chorus SLIDE2THEBACKSEAT right before the beat drops into his verse. This song gives me the same vibes as some of Asap Mobs classics. Kemurii’s vocals are quite different, but fit perfectly with the slower melody in the beat. Not to mention if your a fan of Schemeposse, Ouija Macc, or Night Lovell this song is for you! Make sure to stream SLIDE2BACKSEAT available on all platforms now.

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