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Kid Vibe, 42blacktop, KXLLYXU – Eastside (Review)

This week we had the opportunity to preview some unreleased music from Kid Vibe. What we didn’t expect was that he was going to send us a phonk track. Most people know Kid Vibe for his fast cadence, and undeniably catchy lyrics. As soon as the song starts you’ll hear Kid Vibe chanting the chorus. After the chorus you’ll hear vibe lay down a fast verse, before transitioning into TheRealTaco’s verse. As soon as TheRealTaco’s heavy hitting bars stop they transition into the last verse of the song. This last verse 42blacktop lays down smooth & spooky bars leading to the end of the song. Which was a delightful suprise knowing that the underground legend is known for being a influencer and dancer. Overall, the song was great and KXLLYXU’s phonk production was phenomenal. Make sure to checkout Eastside now available on all platforms

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