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Meet DJChrisV aspiring DJ & HipHop Enthusiast

Chris V also known as DJChrisV grew up in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Interested in video games and sports Chris V started to compete more often in school sports.Continuing with competitive swimming, track and football Chris was very busy with sports throughout high school. Shortly after Chris graduated From high school he began to learn how to DJ. Once he had the hang of things he scored his first gig at The Reef in Lake Delton. DJChrisV soon after made the move to Illinois where he started to learn more about DJing. After playing his first show on just a laptop Chris learned that he needed to upgrade his setup. Influenced by Darude’s “Sandstorm”, and Marshmellos “Alone” chris would than continue to build his sound as a DJ. Some time after Chris moved back to Wisconsin his career started to take off on the right foot. DJChrisV has been the resident DJ at DC Cobbs in East Dundee, Tarbenders, and The Whiskey Barrel. Chris has also DJ at large events like Royal Rumble showcase, and Cobbtoberfest with over 200 attendees. He has also DJ’d for Eternal of Killa Beez (Wutang Affiliate), and other local Hip-Hop acts. Lately, DJChrisV has been busy learning how to use new equipment and perfecting his craft . While still continuing to DJ and help grow Wisconsin’s Hip-Hop scene. Make sure to book DJChrisV for your next event!

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