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Meet akaBeto Upcoming Videographer From California

Meet akaBeto an 23 year old Videographer from Riverside, California. Beto isn’t only looking to grow a as a Videographer, but provide opportunities for as many as possible. In 2019 akaBeto became more interested in Videography as he started to record more skateboarding reels, and v-blogs. Awhile after his cousin who makes music asked him to shoot a video for him. After that akaBeto started to get requests for music videos. Influenced by Dotcomnirvan, Jon Pysco, and Meer J helped grow akaBeto continues to grow everyday. After working with names such as Blue Raggs. Drakeo, MCM Raymond, Rucci, Snapdog, and others he has gained recognition from his city. He has helped numerous artist bring there vision to life. AkaBeto wants to accomplish helping artists succeed and creating a professional video production company. As akaBeto continues to stride for greatness he wants his fans and friends to know “just be yourself, trust god, be genuine, don’t force anything everything happens for a reason. He also mentioned don’t ever give up because your not seeing your results faster than others”. Make sure to check out akaBeto’s work out now!

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