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Bill $aber Exclusive Interview

whats your name?

My name is Bill Saber

How long have you been making music?

I have been making music since 2013

Have any future goals related to your music?

My goal in music is to become omnipresent within the space

Favorite Cartoon?

My favorite cartoon is Samurai Jack Favorite

Favorite Food?

food is chicken and rice

Favorite Track/Album you’ve made and why?

My favorite track is stars in the sky because it makes me cry when I hear it, and I know that song will mean so much to the world one day, and kill everything, because that was the first project where people really started paying attention

Anything you wanna tell the people?

I want to tell the people that I love you, you all deserve to win, you all are worthy, you are the creator, you attract what you are and what you are ready for, and that no one can stop you

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