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Bearded Legend & Saphir – You Don’t Understand (Review)

Its been awhile since we reviewed any new content for you guys. We want the most interesting, wholesome music on our platform. Today we came across a new track from Bearded Legend and Saphir “You Don’t Understand”. This track has been one of my favorite releases of 2022. In the beginning of the track you’ll hear Saphir angelic vocals before the chorus. As the chorus starts you’ll begin to hear the drums & guitar as both artists harmonize the chorus. Shortly after Bearded Legend lays down a smooth verse before transitioning back into the chorus. If you love rock music, and dope guitar solos this song is for you. It’s almost like this is what Flyleaf and Ozzy Osbourne would song like if you collaborated. Make sure to check out “You Don’t Understand” now available on all platforms.

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