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Who Is Freddie Dredd?

Who is Freddie Dredd? You maybe have heard the name Freddie Dredd surface once or twice, but your still probably wondering who is he? Freddie Dredd is a Canadian rapper and producer from Durham, Ontario. Working along with other Doomshop members and artists in the community Freddie Dredd began to see some great progress. Still producing under the name Ryan C and working on building his catalog as Freddie Dredd the upcoming artist would soon become very successful. In 2019 Freddie started to gain unbelievable traction from Tik-Tok as some of his tracks began to go viral. In 2020 Freddie Dredd would work on building his cult following while creating an endless amount of attention grabbing content. After numerous viral songs and music video Freddie Dredd has created a sound and image that will never fade away. Make sure to check out Freddie Dredd when you have the chance!

PS. This was just a quick summary on this incredible artists obviously we left a lot out. Hope you enjoyed the read fellow undergrounder’s!

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