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Whats Your Name

APOC: Apoc krysis

Where Are You from?

APOC: Atlanta, Georgia born and raised

How Long Have You Been Making Music?

APOC: I first started making music since around 2013-2014. I really started to get comfortable putting out steady releases in 2015. That’s around when I started learning to produce my own tracks.

Have Any Future Goals That Are Music Related?

APOC: I’m trying to do everything I possibly can with music. Off the top of my head a goal I’m most focused on is getting my music in a tv show, movie, or video game.

Favorite Food?

APOC: This actually a hard question lol Honestly I’d have to go with tacos. That’s like the go to food I be craving.

Can You Describe Your Genre?

APOC: I don’t feel I ever stick to just one genre, but the memphis rap and southern influence is prevalent In most the music I make. There’s definitely a huge g funk influence in my music as well. At the end of the day I’m taking bits and pieces of the genres I bump all the time to give you a unique experience.

What Advice Would You Give To Aspiring Artists & Producers?

APOC: Hustle like hell, keep working and work through your frustrations because they will eventually go away as you get better at your craft

Favorite Cartoon?

APOC: It’s prolly gotta be billy and Mandy. I never get tired of watching that show. Honorable mentions aqua teen hunger force and smiling friends.

Anything You Wanna Say To The People?

APOC: Be on the lookout for the MYG group tape dropping soon as well as my album On Da Lowkey. If all goes according to plan the On Da Lowkey album will still be dropping this year. Shout out to my fam and everybody that supports me. love y’all.


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