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Slammers Brand Exclusive Interview

Who am I speaking with today?

My name is James May and I’m the creator and CEO of SLAMMERS Brand & WZRD House.

When did you start Slammers?
SLAMMERS was started as a number of projects dating back almost a decade now. I’ve been in the Michigan canna industry for 11 years helping other companies develop and build brands around their products. Many of which you probably know and enjoy today. After watching the pre-roll market from a consumer standpoint as well as an industry professional – I knew there was a hole in the market for high quality pre-rolls and I was confident I could do it better. For years on end pre-rolls have been looked at as the floor scraps, and rightfully so. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that pre-rolls had this revival and producers started to focus more on the quality rather than the quantity. I decided to jump into the competitive waters with the SLAMMERS brand in November of 2022.

How Did You Come Up With The Name?
The name honestly came out of thin air. All while sitting at my desk one day working on a few designs. I’ve always been a huge baseball fan so I guess it kind of came naturally when thinking about what to call this giant bat of a pre-roll I was about to launch. Plus the name just has this appeal to it that tells you exactly what it’s about to do to you…SLAM ya.

Fun Facts?
Every single nug that gets rolled into a SLAMMER is hand selected by myself and my team. If we won’t smoke it, we won’t roll it. 

Your located in Michigan how do you feel about the market? Do you feel like its becoming oversaturated, or still a pretty new thing?

Unsimply put, yes & no: I watched this industry grow while growing alongside it for 10 years. There have been times of over saturation and times of drought. The market is about to enter another drought this summer 2023 – you heard it here. It’s all about your ability to adapt and build a culture around your products. Consumers are one thing, fans are another. I feel like the market is figuring itself out. Prices went from super high, to super low, and now they are creeping up again. I truly think that Michigan’s market will continue to thrive as more and more caregiver rooted brands make their way in. The “outlets” need to go.

Slammers Future Goals?

We have a ton of collaborations in the works with various music artists and other concentrate companies. Lot’s of limited releases to come. We are also looking to host some pop-up events around the state where you can find exclusive merch and get your hands on new SLAMMER drops!

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